History has it that Ekiti Archdeaconry Board in early 1966 through the Bishop of Ondo Diocese, The Rt. Revd. I.O.S Okunsaya applied for the creation of an Ekiti Diocese within the Anglican province of West Africa. The application was favourably considered by His Lordship who immediately forwarded it with very strong recommendations to His Grace the Archbishop of West Africa the Most Revd. C.J. Petterson. The Archbishop put the application before the standing Committee of the Provincial SYNOD which met in Lagos on July 1, 1966 and a motion for the creation of Ekiti Diocese was unanimously passed.

  • On October 28, 1966 Archdeacon M.A. Osanyain was consecrated Bishop at St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Ondo
  • On October 29, 1966 the Diocese of Ekiti inaugurated at Ado Ekiti by His Grace, the Archbishop of West Africa
  • On October 30, 1966 the Rt. Revd M.A. Osanyin was enthroned as the first Bishop of Ekiti at Emmanuel Church Cathedral, Ado Ekiti. On that day in the same service, the Very Revd. J.K. Famewo was appointed the first Provost of Ekiti Diocese.
  • The Clergy in the New Diocese excluding the Diocesan Bishop numbered 37.
  • The first SYNOD held from, 10th -14th May, 1967 in Ado Ekiti and Bishop Osanyin presided as the President.
  • At the SYNOD the first ten Canons of Emmanuel Church Cathedral were appointed by the Bishop and installed by the Provost, The Very Revd. J.K. Famewo. They include: Reverends
  1. A. Osuntuyi
  2. A.A. Aderemi
  3. I.O. Dada
  4. I.O. Alegbeleye
  5. N.B. Awosusi
  6. S.A. Adeodu
  7. R.A. Osisanwo
  8. J.C. Obaweya
  9. T.P. Akinsanpe
  10.  S.A. Ayodele
  • At the same SYNOD, the Bishop announced the appointment of the First Chancellor and the Registrar of the Diocese, Mr. J.O. Folayan B.L, Chief Ade Akomolafe B.A, J.P respectively. Chief R.A. Ogunlade B.sc; J.P was elected the SYNOD secretary while Revd. Can. J.A. Babalola was elected the Diocesan Treasurer.
  • On July 23, 1967 the first Ordination service was held at the Cathedral, at the service the Reverends J.I Akinyele, E.A. Ogundipe were Ordained Priests while Reverend J.A. Adeoye was Ordered Deacon.
  • In January 1969, Ekiti Diocese was sub-divided into the following Archdeaconries:
  1. Ekiti Central – Ado (headquarter)
  2. Ekiti South – Ikere
  3. Ekiti North – Usi
  4. Ekiti West – Ijero
  5. Ekiti East – Ikole
  • The First Bishop died all of a sudden on Feb. 3, 1970. His last engagement was at the funeral of Chief Olowomeye of Ilawe. He was buried in the Cathedral yard Ado Ekiti on Feb. 7, 1970 in the presence of an unprecedented congregation of Bishops, Clergy, Church dignitaries and representatives of all Ekiti Churches.

Bishops from 1966 – date

  1. The Rt. Rev. M.A. Osanyin (late), 1966 – 1970
  2. The Rt. Rev. J.A. Adetiloye (late), 1970 – 1985
  3. The Rt. Rev. C.A. Akinbola (Late), 1985 – 1997
  4. The Rt. Rev. S.A. Abe, 1997 – 2012
  5. The Rt. Rev.  T. Omotunde (Ph.D), 2012 – Till date
  • The Rt. Revd. J.A. Adetiloye inherited five Archdeaconries, but the number rose to nineteen before he was translated to Lagos.
  • The Rt. Rev. C.A. Akinbola’s time brought real Revival to Ekiti Diocese. Notable among numerous evangelical works of his time was the establishment of EDEC which till today is an annual spiritual event in the Diocese. Moba Archdeaconry was inaugurated in his time.
  • The Rt. Rev. S.A. Abe’s tenor as the Bishop witnessed physical and spiritual growth. It is on record that the Diocese between the year 2000 and 2012 planted about sixty new Churches. In his time Jesus Carnival, Ekiti Power night and other spiritual programmes started. Ilejemeje, Ekamefa, Osi, Ado North, Opopogboro. Irona, Ise North, Great Commission, Ife Oluwa, Igbemo Archdeaconries were created in his time. The new office complex was built, Anglican Bread, Anglican Water factories were established. Among other notable developments.
  • The Rt. Rev. C.T. Omotunde, PhD. From 2012 till date a little above sixty Church has been founded, School of music, School of Health Sciences commenced, Medical Mission, harvest of Souls, Youth Convention all commenced. Rapid Development of the Diocesan Camp Ground with modern facilities, New Cathedral, renovation of the Bishop House (Total Restructure), Admin House, Hostels for the School of Health, Salvation football Competition, Drama Competition, Competition among Choristers, festival of Hymn, Evening of Praise, Estate at Ilokun, Estate at FUOYE are programmes and projects credited to his tenure among others.