Raising Godly people that are heavenly conscious through committed pragmatic evangelism, discipleship and Christian living. 



  1. To eagerly and earnestly preach and teach the undiluted words of God untiringly,  so as to make every member candidate of heaven
  2. To raise a generation of passionate Christian labourers and leaders for the labour of God’s kingdom
  3. To inspire and motivate every member to fulfill his/her God given potential.
  4. To promote the Spirit of oneness, unity and togetherness among all worshipers in the Diocese and also with other Christians in our community for a successful pursuance of our ultimate goal as Christians.
  5. To bring back to every church the glory of the early church as seen and practiced in the Acts of Apostle
  6. To build a strong and viable Diocese that will be self-sustaining and self-sufficient through pragmatic economic policies.
  7. To involve in social works and welfare for the widows, disables, orphans and aged